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Charline Tyberghein

Modesty first: a talk with Charline Tyberghein

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Charline Tyberghein
Published by Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, 2019
Printed by: Bruno Devos – Stockmans Art Books

Texts by: Tamara Beheydt

Charline Tyberghein has recently had successful gallery and institutional exhibitions, and seems cut out for a perfectly brilliant artistic career. In 2018, she received the KoMASK Masters Salon Painting Award – a prize for best master student in the arts, which offered her immediate popularity in the Antwerp art scene (and beyond). Ironically, she nearly dropped out of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in her second year. The first years at the academy are very focused on mastering techniques and drawing ‘correctly’. Charline, however, excelled later, when she was encouraged to find her own voice. She nuances the impact of the prize by stating “only fourteen European academies participated.”

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