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L'heure bleue: group exhibition

News 09.06.2020–30.08.2020 Gallery Sofie Van de Velde and PLUS - ONE Gallery present ‘L’Heure Bleue’. L’heure bleue is the moment when the sun has set, but the night has not fallen yet. The phenomenon of the blue hour happens right b… Continue reading

Second smile - The Hole NYC

News 23.04.2020–24.05.2020 Aaron Elvis Jupin, Adam Parker Smith, Alexander Harrison, Ali Bonfils, Alison Blickle, Anders Oinonen, Anthony Iacono, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Aurel Schmidt, Ben Sanders, Ben Spiers, Botond… Continue reading

The Wunderwall
Art Feeds

News 01.04.2020–30.06.2020 In these times of uncertainty, our home is our haven. It is more important than ever to create a warm and safe environment by surrounding yourself with beautiful and interesting artworks. As the… Continue reading


News 13.03.2020–03.04.2020 COVID-19 In response to the latest developments with COVID-19, the gallery will be closed during the weekend. As it is our strong belief that art can make a difference in times where social isolation… Continue reading

Ilse D'Hollander - Early works

News 06.03.2020–16.07.2020 Famous art collectors Wilfried and Yannicke Cooreman curated an exhibition of earlier works of Ilse D'Hollander for the Culural Centre in their hometown of Puurs. The exquisite selection of primarily… Continue reading

Pompidou Charline Tyberghein

News 23.09.2019–31.10.2019 Jonge schilderes Charline Tyberghein heeft een solo expo bij Sofie Van de Velde Gallery. Ze werd gekozen als beste jonge, Europese schilder van 2019.

FEAGA Award 2018

Archive 13.06.2018 We are honored to have received the 2018 FEAGA Innovation and Creativity Award, chosen by an international jury, with Ernst Hilger as president. This award celebrates our exemplary cooperation with… Continue reading


Archive 20.10.2017–22.10.2017 A collision of art and fashion. With collaborating artists Rutger De Vries, Stef Van Looveren and Pandoras Jukebox.

Little HISK

Archive 29.01.2015–02.02.2015 With artists from Hisk Curated by Ulrike Lindmayr (LLS 387), Paul Poelmans (CAPS), Eva Steynen (Deviation(s)), Bart Vanderbiesen (Base-Alpha Gallery) en Sofie Van de Velde.

Schelstraete/Delacourt/Collection Van Quickenborne

Archive 09.02.2014–30.07.2014 with Johannes Wald, Berlinde Debruyckere, Kris Martin, Kelly Schacht, Kapser Bosmans, Stanislas Delahaut, Faldbakken, Finch, Stef Driesen, Anna Lange, Germaine Kruip, Gaultier Haushorn, Max Pinckers,…


Archive 31.07.2012–31.08.2014 Museum to Scale 1/7 With Ronny Van de Velde Gallery. A project with more than 100 Belgian Artists.