Bendt Eyckermans 'A dream of thirst'

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Bendt Eyckermans 'A dream of thirst'

Bendt Eyckermans, 'A dream of thirst'

Published by Posture Editions, 2020
Text by: Dominic Van den Boogerd

ISBN: 9789491262388
168 pages, illustrated, 30 x 21 cm, hardcover, English and Dutch

Bendt Eyckermans (b. 1994) is a young Belgian painter who paints everyday scenes from his own life. However, in the process of painting, he transforms reality into a very personal language: figures, landscapes and objects turn into an almost sculptural parallel world.

The book Posture Editions will publish, unfolds like an artichoke. As the heart of the book consists of a series of reproductions of the paintings, the reader has to peel off fragments of text and fragments of the painting’s details to reach it. This layered approach seeks to highlight the depth in the artist’s works.
The combination of pages with large, sharp details, pages with entire paintings, the sketchbooks and gouaches guides the reader into Eyckermans’s bizarre, but also recognizable world.

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