Idris Sevenans


Idris Sevenans (Antwerp, 1991) makes sculptures, films, exhibitions, unwanted advertisements and books (including 'Stop reading' and 'The Computer', about Marcel van Maele), runs a shop of strange products (the unrealistic initiative Troebel Neyntje) and founded his own school: AARS (Antwerp Artist Run School).

The twentieth-century philosopher Hans Theys (Bangladesh, 1936) described the omnipresent centipede Sevenans as 'a faultless bullshit detector' and also as 'something that was already done in the sixties, but fresher'. Theys himself was stuck in the sixties, so he should know.

Living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with patronising regulations, ugly images and ludicrous claptrap designed to encourage us to consume meaningless, useless, tasteless, colourless and unpleasant things that we do not need, in other words, in that world, we joyfully greet the aikido-like way in which Sevenans kicks this ineradicable nonsense to the curb with a spiralling movement.

Carla Van Campenhout, 5 februari 2020


The Floating Archive, 2022
Plastic tub, cardboard, wood, water
80 x 80 cm
Edition 4/6
Edition of 6