John Stezaker


°1949, Worcester, United Kingdom
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom

Solo exhibitions


Love, The Approach, London, UK


John Stezaker, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, UK
Lost World, City Gallery Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand; Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand; Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu, Christchurch, New Zealand; Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia
The Voyeur: Photoroman Collages, 1976–1979, Petzel Gallery, New York, USA
Sublime Smoke, Lisa Oppenheim & John Stezaker, The Annexe, London, UK
Aftermath, York Art Gallery, York, UK
Paul Nash and the Uncanny Landscape (Curated by John Stezaker), York Art Gallery, York, UK
John Stezaker: Horse, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK


John Stezaker, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury, UK
John Stezaker and Marcel Broodthaers, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp, Belgium


The Truth of Masks, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, USA
Touch, The Approach at Independent Régence, Brussels, Belgium
Film Works, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill On Sea, UK
The Projectionist, The Approach, London, UK
Collages, The Netherlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


John Stezaker: New Silkscreens, Petzel Gallery, New York, USA
John Stezaker: Collages, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney, Australia


John Stezaker, Centre de la Photographie Genève, Geneva, Switzerland
John Stezaker: Working from the Collection, Les Rencontres Arles Photographie, Arles, France
Crossing Over, Capitain Petzel, Berlin, Germany
Blind, The Approach, London, UK
John Stezaker: One on One, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel
Nude and Landscape, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, USA


Galerie Gisela Captain, Cologne, Germany
Marriage, curated by Annemarie Sawkins, Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA
John Stezaker, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK, touring to MUDAM, Luxembourg, and Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis, USA


John Stezaker: Silkscreens, Capitain Petzel, Berlin, Germany
Lost Images, Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany
Tabula Rasa, The Approach, London, UK
Art Unlimited, Galerie Gisela Capitain, Basel Group Exhibitions, Switzerland


John Stezaker, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, USA
The Nude and Landscape, curated by Sid Sachs, University of The Arts, Philadelphia, USA


John Stezaker, Richard Grey Gallery, Chicago, USA
John Stezaker, Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne, Germany
John Stezaker, Friedrich Petzel, New York, USA


Masks & Shadows, A Palazzo Gallery, Brescia, Italy
John Stezaker, Galerie Dennis Kimmerich, Düsseldorf, Germany
Fumetti, GAK- Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen, Germany


Two part show: Marriages, Karsten Schubert (Sep-Nov), London, Masks, The Approach,
London, UK (Oct-Nov)
John Stezaker, The Rubell Family Collection, Miami, USA
John Stezaker, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
John Stezaker, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK
John Stezaker, Project Room, Yvon Lambert, Paris, France


John Stezaker, The Approach, London, UK
John Stezaker, Galerie Dennis Kimmerich, Düsseldorf, Germany
John Stezaker, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, USA
Bridges and other Metaphors, Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK
John Stezaker, White Columns, New York, USA


Archiv & Erzählung [Archives and Narration]: John Stezaker and T.J. Wilcox, Kunstverein
Muenchen, Munich, Germany


The Third Person Archive and Other Works, The Approach, London, UK


The Holy Land Series, Wigmore Fine Art, London, UK


Angels, Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland


Garden, Cubitt Gallery, London, UK


Care & Control, Salama-Caro Gallery, London, UK


Film Still Collages, Friedman-Guinness Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany


John Stezaker: New Work, Salama-Caro Gallery, London, UK
John Stezaker, Glenn Dash Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


John Stezaker, Lisson Gallery, London, UK


Galerie Éric Fabre, Paris, France
Werke 1973-1978, Kuntsmueum Luzern, Kunstmuseum, Lucerne, Switzerland
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
The World Made Flesh, The New ‘57 Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland


Fragments, Photographer’s Gallery, London, UK
Collages, 1977-1978, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Southampton City Museum, Southampton, UK


Dream Allegories. John Stezaker Collages 1976-1977. Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London, UK
Galerie Éric Fabre, Paris, France
Schema Gallery, Florence, Italy
Spectro Arts, Newcastle, UK


Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London, UK
Trois Oeuvres [Three Works], Galerie Éric Fabre, Paris, France


Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London, UK
Galerie Éric Fabre, Paris, France


Galerie Decembre, Munster, Germany
Galleria Lia Rumma, Rome, Italy
Galleria Lia Rumma, Naples, Italy


The Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK


Beyond Art for Art’s Sake: a Propus Mundus, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London, UK


Works, 1969-1971, Sigi Krauss Gallery, London, UK


2016, Collage, 24,2 x 20,5 cm

Untitled (Film Still Collage) XVIII
2006, Collage, 24,2 x 20,5 cm