Equal Affections

Equal Affections
Felix De Clercq

GRIMM Gallery presents Equal Affections, a group presentation with Katherine Bradford, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Felix de Clercq, Anthony Cudahy, Ryan Driscoll, Kyle Dunn, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Louis Fratino, Lenz Geerk, Jenna Gribbon, Doron Langberg, Justin Liam O’Brien, Michael Stamm and Salman Toor.

The exhibition borrows its name from David Leavitt’s acclaimed 1988 novel of the same title and was organized in collaboration with Edwin Oostmeijer. A new essay by Leavitt will be published to accompany the presentation.

instrument for experiencing the world, or a vessel for meaning and message. Direct references to the self through memoir and autobiography are central themes in current painting. Equal Affections brings together fourteen artists who explore how the self emerges in relation to community and society at large. An inquiry into gender and its representation foregrounds these rich depictions of people and their interior worlds.

Further information: https://grimmgallery.com