Roger Raveel, Wegdromen in een landschap


'Wegdromen in een landschap'
['Dreaming away in a landscape']
Curated by Joost Declercq

Exhibition 'Wegdromen in een landschap' is dedicated to atypical work on paper from the Belgian artist Roger Raveel. This exhibition wants to provide an intimate look at Raveel's creative process. The works range from the years 1950 to 2000 with a focus on the '60s and '70s.

Raveel's work on paper is often an underexposed aspect of his oeuvre. These fragile works reveal how Raveel discovered motifs, explored compositions and refined his visual language. His drawings were a crucial exercise in his studio and served as a source of inspiration for his paintings. They offer a unique insight into his methodology and artistic development. The exhibition highlights the drawings as an essential part of his artistic legacy and offers a fascinating journey through his multifaceted and dynamic work.

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