Carole Vanderlinden, One Piece at a Time

Groen Kwartier

Opening 05/09/2019: 18- 21u Until 28/09/2019 Friday-saturday 14-18u Carole Vanderlinden - One Piece at a Time Carole Vanderlinden doesn’t make it easy for the viewer. Her paintings and drawings often look playful and colourful but at the same time they are self-willed and self-absorbed. They are seductive and yet they have a sharp edge, they are frivolous and they remind us of Eastern- European constructivists, they are fresh and weathered, gurative and abstract. And to add to the complexity, Carole Vanderlinden is not one but many painters in the sense that she is not interested in style – or rather a single style. Carole Vanderlinden lives with paint. For her, paint is not only a medium but also – and perhaps above all – an objective.Carole Vanderlinden is a painter who thinks in paint. She thinks with the brush.She considers every work a ‘work in progress’, every painting comes into being and grows under her paintbrush. She tries in paint, has misgivings in paint, battles with paint. And she is derailed with paint too. But ‘accidents’ can often be very productive and offer new insights. Moreover, many of her paintings are thick with paint. Carole Vanderlinden attacks the canvas. She sees her canvasses, her paintings as objects, bodies even, which challenge her. This way of working has its consequences of course: the painter fully engages with her work, her labours, with the result that traces of paint are found on and certainly also next to the canvas. Lately she has produced a number of paintings in monumental format, thereby increasing the ‘collateral damage’ in the studio. Carole Vanderlinden’s paintings are always a tug-of-war: between painter and painting, but also between painting and viewer.

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