Rein Dufait, Halfs - om heels

Groen Kwartier

Rein Dufait explores the opposition nature vs. culture and treats it in the most critical way. For Dufait, the process of creating an artwork from an idea corresponds to the selection, growing and evolution in nature. The artist is able to transform an object into a living being though the creative effort which gets imprinted in the final piece. By adding some playfulness to his style, Dufait fights the static, heavy or rough material and gives it a new life, in fine and light forms. All the stages of development remain visible, so that one can feel the processuality of time the same way as it is experienced in nature. A dialogue between a piece of art and its natural origins establishes a unique relationship which could never exist before, because the artists succeeds in creating a world where the objects got evolved the only right way. What was never there becomes the evident, once it is revealed.

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