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Charlotte Posenenske


Charlotte Posenenske, Manifesto

Published by Distanz, 2013
Dr. Burkhard Brunn, English, Hardcover, 128 pages, 2013.
ISBN: 978-3-95476-025-1

This book, Burkhard Brunn’s commentary on the manifesto Charlotte Posenenske wrote in 1968, will help build a deeper understanding of her art. It goes hand in hand with Renate Wiehager’s “Charlotte Posenenske,” which devotes particular attention to the artist’s objects, and the volume “Charlotte Posenenske—Die frühen Jahre,” which includes an essay by Philipp Kaiser about the minimalist conceptual artist’s paintings.

The three volumes lay the foundation for further reflections by experts; Daniel Marzona, Jörg Daur, Astrid Wege, and Stefanie Bräuer have contributed essays to this book. Brunn’s own expertise derives from his collaboration with the artist and the many posthumous exhibitions he organized as the trustee of her estate.

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