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Catharina Dhaen

Catharina Dhaen

Published by Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, 2020
Printed by: Bruno Devos – Stockmans Art Books

Text by: Astrid Vereycken

78 pages, 30 x 23 cm, paperback, English

On the occasion of Catharina Dhaens’ solo exhibition ‘Through the looking-glass’, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde launched a publication of the artist.

‘My approach to painting is based on sensitivity’, says Catharina when I ask her about her artistic practice. 'The way I paint comes from an insecurity. Painting is a slow process, one where you make many mistakes along the way. I often wonder whether or not it’s too frivolous, or too polished. Even if the slightest detail is off, I will immediately cover it with another layer of paint, painting and ‘unpainting’. So, I guess there is an insecurity, but at the same time, a tension unfolds between what is seen and what remains hidden. And that is an integral part of my work, it shapes and molds all the different ways it can be read.’
Catharina is a woman of many interests. While describing her paintings, she often refers to literature and poetry.

‘There are many things at stake when I paint’ she says. ‘It’s never my intention to create a picture in the sense of portraying a specific subject. When I’m painting, I allow certain things to take shape. Sometimes, an image imposes itself. They are like characters coming on stage.’

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