The Artist's gaze - Gommaar Gilliams

The Artist's gaze - Gommaar Gilliams

Robert Motherwell
Elegy to the Spanish republic No. 110

Sanya Kantranovsky
apples and oranges

Cy Twombly

Georg Baselitz
Corpus exhibition

Welcome at the Artist’s gaze. We are all confined to our homes, let’s get closer by reflecting about the theme of hope. We have asked our artists which work of art they would like to visit right now: Gommaar Gilliams The freedom to look at art, to let yourself get inspired or affected, has been gone for a while. Memories of accidental life-changing encounters with artworks, such as the paintings from Cy Twombly’s Bacchus’ series that I saw in Venice, give me light and hope. I had sensed the work from Twombly right before I entered the space. It casted a spell over me. Twombly is a master in painting the unspeakable, he touches both the most personal and the most universal. My love and adoration for CyTwombly didn’t fade, but it has found its place. I find it amazing how artists can take you on a journey. I compare it with trains, they will drop you off some place further, but you will never forget the ride. The intense Twombly-period is over, but the memories to this moment in Venice stay with me. They are the foundation of all other ‘train-rides’ and those that are yet to come. Georg Baselitz has been a similar ride. I’ve seen many things by his hand, but the Corpus exhibition in Colmar, 2018, has been just as ‘life changing’ as Twombly. Eventually, it has found its place as well. Recently, I experienced a brief but powerful ride with Sanya Kantranovski. His work reminds me of a beautiful weeping willow. The thing that connects these artists is that they offer openings, instead of ready-made solutions. These openings are key. They provide opportunities, perspective and hope. This leads to the artistic practice of Robert Motherwell, who was first hand responsible for my practice as a painter because of his ‘Elegy to the Spanish Republic'-series. Motherwell's life's task consisted of a theoretical and visual investigation of abstract art. His ‘Open’ -series symbolically depicts this research. They deal with possibilities, windows and openings ... Hope.