New visions: After De Keyser

New visions: After De Keyser
Ilse D'Hollander

Coinciding with an exhibition of paintings by Raoul De Keyser (1930–2012) currently at David Zwirner Hong Kong, this online presentation places selected works by the late Belgian painter into dialogue with those of fifteen contemporary artists.

For most, De Keyser has been a direct influence. Others are longtime admirers of his work who wish to honor his legacy. De Keyser’s enduring impact on artists working today across the globe testifies to his continuous experimentation with painting over five decades.

“[D’Hollander’s] close relationship with her mentor Raoul De Keyser, an abstract painter who favored a style that was at once intuitive, economical, and ever so subtly referential, preceded (and predicted) her gradual transition to a similar brand of abstraction around 1995.”

—Andrea Gyorody, curator