Stef Driesen

Stef Driesen was born in 1966 in Hasselt, Belgium.
He studied at PHIKO, Hasselt; Academie Voor Schone Kunsten, Hasselt and SHIVKV, Genk

The Brussels based artist brings forward an interest in a more ambient space, providing atmospheric presence in the work.
The grayed palette offers moments of bright color and light breaking through giving a sense of landscape and deep, almost transcendental, fields.
The cascading compositions and canyon-like perspectives conjure the movement of waterfalls and, in some cases, is fractured by architectural references.
The body, once the primary subject of Driesen's project, can still be sensed at times in ghostly torso references.

In cooperation with Marc Foxx LA



2015 Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels
2015 M HKA INBOX, Antwerpen
2014 G262 Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp
2013 MARC FOXX Gallery, Los Angeles
2010 HOET BEKAERT Galerij, Knokke
2008 HARRIS LIEBERMAN Gallery, New York 2008 MARC FOXX Gallery, Los Angeles
2007 THE BREEDER Gallery, Athens
2006 ALISON JACQUES Gallery, London 2006 HARRIS LIEBERMAN Gallery, New York 2005 MARC FOXX Gallery, Los Angeles


2013 LATTICE GALLERY, Siege, Malta
2013 FONDATION MAEGHT, Saint-Paul-de-Vence – France, “E-motion”
2012 GALLERY BATON, Seoul - South Korea, “Belgium Contemporary Now”
2011 THE DICKE COLLECTION, Creating the New Century, Dayton Art Institute Ohio USA 2011 GALERIE TATJANA PIETERS, Opening New Space
2010 MUZEE, Oostende, PPP, “Public Private Paintings”
2010 THE BREEDER, Athene, “Summer Teeth”
2010 STEPHAN SIMOENS Galerij, Knokke, “Redefining the Landscape”
2009 MUSEUM DHONDT DHAENENS, Deurle,“When the mood strikes”
2008 NEUBERGER MUSEUM OF ART, New York, “Future tense: Reshaping the Landscape” 2007 CULTUURCENTRUM, Mechelen, “Pushing the Canvas”
2006 MADRE MUSEUM, Napels, “People”
2005 ART CONCEPT, Parijs, “The Third Peak”
2004 MARC FOXX Gallery, Los Angeles, “Michael Bauer/Cris Brodhal/Stef Driesen”
2001 VELINX, Tongeren,“Deluca/Driesen


His work has been featured in

Mark Foxx, LA
Foundation Maeght
Saatchi collection
Dayton Art Institute
Kunstmuseum Aan Zee, Oostende;
MADRe Museum,
Naples; and Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase.




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