Guillaume Bijl

°1946, Belgium

Since the end of 1970s Bijl has been working with spacious installations in pursue of alternatives to the conceptual art. He builds up imitations of everyday interiors which present fictional realistic situation with tragic-comical humor. Bijl’s work deals a lot with public reception – the artist wants to puzzle or “irritate” his audience. The installations fall into four major groups: Transformation installations deal with reality embedded in the non-reality; Situation installations offer non-reality elements within reality; Compositions are present-day archeological still lives; and so called Sorry’s form a stylistic group of “absurd works”.


Solo Exhibitions

1979 : Galerij Z, Antwerp

1980 : De Warande, Turnhout

1982 : Franklin Furnace, New York

1984 : Vereniging SMAK, Ghent

1985: De Appel, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Galerie Andata Ritorno, Geneva

1986 : Kunstverein, Keulen

1987 : Sala Uno, Roma
Galerie Schmela, Düsseldorf
Galleria G. Terribile, Mailand

1988 : Galerie Maeght, Paris
Galerij T. Rumff, Haarlem
Kunstverein, Kassel

1989 : Le Magasin, Grenoble
New Museum, New York

1990 : Witte de With, Rotterdam
J. Shaiman Gallery, New York
K. Wingate Gallery, New York

1991 : Gallerie Winter, Vienna

1992 : Castello di Rivoli, Torino

1993 : Wiener Secession, Vienna

1994 : Openluchtmuseum, Middelheim

1995 : Chateau d’Oiron, Oiron

1996 : Muhka, Antwerp
Kunstverein, Hannover

1997 : Arken Museum, Copenhagen
Musée d’Art Contemperain, Montréal

1998 : Neue Galerie, Graz
Kunsthalle, Reklinghausen
Museum of Ontario, Toronto

1999 : Galerie Friebe, Ludenscheid

2001 : Städtische galerie, Nordhorn
Raum für Aktuele Kunst, Bremerhafen

2002 : Galerie A. Gentils, Antwerp
Galerie J. Jamar, Antwerp

2003 : Kunsthalle am Haverkamp, Münster

2004 : R 1, Hamburg (with A. Marker)

2006 : De Stoel in de Kunst, St Maria-Horebeke

2007 : Lumen Travo Galerij, Amsterdam

2008 : SMAK, Ghent

2007 : Lumen Travo Galerij, Amsterdam
2008 : Pocketroom, Antwerpen
S.M.A.K., Gent
2009 : Gallery COMA, Berlin
            Sculpture Trouvée, Ladendorf
2010:   Cabin, Antwerpen

2011:   Galerie Guy Pieters, Paris